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1. Who are you and where are you based?
We are Pachisi, a brand that makes ancient and other popular board games on fabric with a certain quirkiness in our designs. We also make felt products for nursery. Pachisi is based out of Chennai. 
2. Are your products handmade?
Our games are machine embroidered on fabric. But yes, some of our products such as felt are hand-crafted, with every detail taking human effort, time and plenty of love. 
3. Is the fabric game travel friendly?
Ofcourse! Our games can be folded and you get a pouch to put them in. They are super light and don't take up much space. So tag them along when you are on a holiday!
4. Do you design and sell only Indian board games?
Here at Pachisi, we like to revive all ancient games. But we started off this venture with Indian ancient games, so you may just find more of them. We also have Rota and Senet that are Non-Indian ancient games. 
5. Do you provide coins?
Yes, we provide coins made of wood or felt (depending on the game). We also provide dice for you to play.
6. I have never played this game before. Can you help?
Don't worry, we provide a detailed instruction manual for you to understand and play the game.
7. Can I wash my fabric board games?
No please! Though we handpick our fabrics, some of them might bleed when washed. If you must clean them, we recommend dry-cleaning.
8. Can I wash felt products?
Yes, you can hand wash our felt products.
9. What payment options do I have?
At present we support three payment modes: Net Banking, Debit Cards and Credit Card.  We support all VISA, MasterCard and AMEX cards. 
10. How long does it usually take to ship a product?
Please read our Shipping Policy for more information.
11. Do you ship abroad?
For international shipping, please write to us at
12. Can I return or exchange a product?
Click here to know more about our returns/exchange and refund policy. Please Note, we don't accept returns/exchanges on our felt products. 
13. I am too old to play board games but I love the designs. Could you suggest other ways of using your products?
You can never be too old to play! Pachisi games are executed as functional textile pieces with a high art and craft value. You can simply buy them to play or hang it on your wall as a piece of art (go ahead and frame it!). You could use them as table mats or just display them as art pieces on your corner tables. If you find other interesting ways to use or display our products, do write to us at We would love to hear about it.
14. Do you customise?
Yes, we customise felt hangings, nursery mobiles and buntings. No minimum order required. PLEASE NOTE: Hangings, Mobiles and Buntings can be ordered only via email, Direct Message on instagram or facebook. These can not be purchased on the website as they are made to order. A shipping fee of Rs.100 is charged on customised felt orders.
Pachisi also customises fabric board games but we require a minimum order of 10 - 15. Please write to us at for placing your order.
We take bulk orders too.                 
Have another question? Please leave us a message here or just write to us at